Leadership at the Board Table

Rick was firrickwilliams-homepage1st elected to the Peel District School Board in November 1997 and has been re elected for four consecutive terms where he has served on all the Board’s standing and legislated committee’s including current Chair of the Instructional Programs/Curriculum Committee for the last five years.  Rick has served as the Board’s representative on the Ontario Public School Board‘s Association and its Regional Council.  He also represents the Board on the Mississauga Traffic Safety Council.


His Advocacy at the Board Table includes but is not limited to; equitable distribution of resources understanding that some schools will need more than others in order to be equitable; advocating for fair funding for Peel students from the Ministry of Education; advocating for additional resources to address local priorities within the school and community; strong advocacy for equity in education and employment; advocating for fair share of maintenance dollars for schools in Ward 5 and opening 5 new schools and 9 additions.

Rick has successfully advocated to the Peel District School Board for Malton’s first early years community hub and French emersion program.  He founded the Malton Action Committee whose mandate was to bring education and community leaders along with other service providers within the family of schools to assess student needs, pool resources and develop strategies to address those needs from an educational, socio-economic and cultural perspective.  From all accounts, this approach continues to be a success!

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