Community Involvement

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 Rick’s Impact on the Community

Mississauga has been home to Rick and his family since arriving in Malton in 1974.  On arrival Rick began looking for voluntary opportunities in his community.  In 1975, he became one of the early members of the Malton Black Development Association.

Education Director
In the fall of that year he was elected Education Director of the organization and was instrumental in organizing an after school home work club in collaboration with the then Peel Board of Education.  The program served to enhance the academic performance of students of various races and ethnic origins who benefited from the program in later years.

The following are quotes from students who attended the homework club.

Stafford Lowe
“Mr. Williams, thank you for those evenings we spent at Lancaster Middle School”.  Stafford Lowe is currently working as a secondary school teacher and department head in Brampton.


 Nadine Spence, B.A
“Mr. Williams, I stayed in touch with most of my friends who attended the homework club and I am proud to say that most of us went on to University and College.  You should be proud of yourself”.  Nadine Spence, B.A.  She’s employed as a customer service manager for the National Bank of Canada.


Lynden Lowe
“Mr. Williams, you have inspired me to volunteer.  Now I have two kids of my own.  I am now volunteering in their school”.  Lynden Lowe is currently working as a teacher at Clarkson Secondary School.

Scholarship Foundation
During my tenure as President of the organization, I was instrumental in establishing a scholarship foundation that has awarded more than 70 scholarships to assist students in their post secondary educational endeavors.


Community Volunteer
Other volunteer community involvement both past and present include membership on the Peel Police and Ethnic Relations Committee, Malton Rate Payers Association, Peel Multicultural Council and Malton Neighbourhood Services.

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